Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Project 5 reflections...

Reflections of the Water Tower Competition (7 June)

When I first tried lifting the 2kg weight,I thought it was impossible for the flimsy Balsa wood structure to hold it for even half a minute.I was proven wrong when it supported the 2kg weight with little trouble.We turned down 5kg for the next bar as we thought it would be impossible.When we mustered the courage to get the second bar,we had to do 10kg because we turned down the previous one.I was yet AGAIN proven wrong when it supported 10kg.To improve out structure,I think we should have had more of the structure directly supporting the weight.

At first, I was reluctant to attempt the 2kg test. I felt that we had not strengthened our structure enough and It would collapse. Having tuned down the 5 kg test, we had to support 10 kg to get our second bar. However, once it went past 6kg, we were confident to do the 10 kg. We should have made our structure more symmetrical.

When we tested the miniature water tower with 2kg of weights, I was not worried, confident that the tower should be able to carry such a load. However, during the testing, I was discouraged as the structure seemed to waver under the weight. After strengthening, I anxiously anticipated the 5kg test. It worked. Then the weight was doubled to a jaw-dropping 10kg. Amazingly, the tower carried the weight without even shaking or wobbling. Perhaps it may be able to support 20kg or more for the final assessment.

At first, when the challenge for trying to carry 2kg weight was suggested, I was unsure whether the structure would be able to carry 2kg or not. However, after lifting 2kg worth of weights, I was quite confident when trying the 2kg weight and I was eager to see whether the structure would be able to support a weight of 10kg. I was surprised that we were the first group to be able to support 2kg and 10kg during the tests. Our design is quite random and it is unique compared to other groups as it does not have a definite or uniform shape.

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